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Dr Eric Tong Yih Lee - Singapore Patent Attorney


Eric is a Singapore registered patent attorney. He is also qualified to practice in Malaysia, and recently successfully completed the UK Patent Attorney exams.

Eric entered the patent attorney profession in 2008, and has been working in the field since, apart from a brief time obtaining experience “in-house” with the technology transfer arm of a government research & development agency in Singapore.

Eric obtained his doctorate from the Optoelectronics Research Centre at University of Southampton, UK, after completion of his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering with Optoeletcronics from University College London, UK. He followed this up with post-doctoral research in Optoelectronics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London and the London Centre for Nanotechnology, and in Nanotechnology at the International Innovation Centre (IIC), Kyoto University, Japan. Eric practices as a patent attorney across a broad spectrum of technologies in the ICT/electronics and mechanical engineering fields, but given his academic background, he has particular interest and expertise in optolectronics and related technologies, including materials science.