Patent, Trademark & Registered Design Attorneys

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We operate across a broad and diverse range of technologies in both physical sciences & engineering and life sciences with experience of a range of client bases, from Government Research Institutes, Universities, Research Divisions of major multi-national corporations, SMEs and private individuals.We have the experience and the expertise to devise bespoke solutions according to your individual needs.

We have significant experience and expertise of drafting and/or prosecuting patent applications in the following areas:

  • Computer-implemented inventions in diverse applications, including: data & image processing and modeling; neural networks; 3D Virtual Reality Environments; Industrial Plant Process Control Systems; and Computer System Architecture(to name but a few); and Internet-related inventions
  • Telecommunications: Wireless Broadband signal processing; Mobile digital television; Antenna design; Call handling/management
  • Other digital and analogue signal processing in the fields of: Music Signal Analysis; Speech Signal Analysis; and Medical Diagnostics
  • Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Electronics (digital and analogue) and Power Electronics
  • Mechanical Engineering and Devices: High-precision Jet Cutting; Fluid-Flow Control; Devices; Well Screen Technology; Infant Feeding Devices
  • Life Sciences, including chemistry and biotechnology.
  • Nanotechnology.

We also have extensive experience in patent litigation, providing technical and legal support to advocates and solicitors. This includes the provision of patent infringement and validity opinions, and advice right up to trial on relevant aspects of case management.

The above is only representative of our capabilities. We are confident we can handle inventions in almost any technology, no matter how complex.